What if you could save 1 hour per day?

September 21, 2014

Saving an hour per day probably sounds like hyperbole.  But, it’s not, particularly if you’re in Sales, Customer Service or Human Resources AND you have access to WittyParrot, an enterprise application. Here are some benefits just in Sales:

  • Respond to customers and prospects faster by not having to search through documents, old emails, and repositories to find answers
  • Differentiate from the competition – not just by responding fast – but by responding with relevant, targeted content that customers and prospect will actually consume
  • Ramp up new hires much faster by helping them become self-sufficient sooner
  • Reduce the burden on subject matter experts (SMEs) and “information owners” who are normally besieged by questions from all sides
  • Ensure sellers and channel partners are speaking with one voice instead of making up their own answers and content
  • Allows teams to quickly and easily create personalized emails, documents, and  presentations leveraging previously-created content
  • Enables efficient sharing of previously created content amongst team members
  • Works with all standard file types for documents, images and videos
  • Alllows users to save up to an hour a day or more at a cost of less than $1 per day

If this sounds even remotely interesting to you, please contact me at info (at) gardnerandassoc.com. I’m a WittyParrot Certified Reseller and Implementation Partner.​

Dave Gardner, Gardner & Associates Consulting  http://www.gardnerandassoc.com

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