Manufacturing Company Best Practices

May 18, 2009

Regardless of the size of your manufacturing company, these are the best practices that matter most:

  • ERP system drives and supports business execution from booking to cash collection and all steps in between
  • Company is process-driven and system dependent, not people dependent
  • Company does not rely on spreadsheets to drive mission-critical business activities
  • Roles and responsibilities clearly defined
  • Employees understand essential business processes and business systems and how the different business functions fit together
  • Business processes seamlessly fit with information technology
  • Employees demonstrate proficiency dealing with business scenarios they will encounter within ERP system
  • Systems help company become more proactive rather than reactive
  • Systems provide answers to management questions at a moment’s notice
  • Electronic system supports product development, manufacturing and service with engineering change management (requests and change orders), purchased component source control, part/document status accounting/history, and management reporting/accounting

How does your company measure up against these best practices?

My firm helps companies close these gaps.

Dave Gardner, Gardner & Associates Consulting