2014 Year In Review


There are so many things that occurred during the course of 2014, I wanted to mention a few things that stand out in my mind.

• The San Francisco Giants winning their third World Series in five years
• The pitching of Madison Bumgarner during the post season—no one has ever had such a low earned run average (ERA) in the post season
• Mo’ne Davis and her victory in the Little League World Series
• The passing of Robin Williams and seeing what an incredible, generous, multi-dimensional talent he represented
• The tragedies suffered by Malaysia Airline and AsiaAir
• The rise and horror ISIS represents in the Middle East
• The horror in Syria
• The police and the harsh treatment of some of our citizens and the citizen protests across the nation
• The U.S. Secret Service troubles
• The Republican landslide in the 2014 mid-term elections and what that might mean for the gridlock that has plagued Congress
• Dell World 2014 and seeing how Dell has been unleashed by going private
• The retreat of gasoline prices in the second half of this year and the economic impact it is having on nations
• The San Francisco 49ers letting one of the best coaches in football go because the owner and general manager “couldn’t figure out how to make it work” between the three of them
• My dad’s recovery from heart surgery and actions he took to alleviate sciatica pain that had compromised his life for over 10 years
• My wife’s commitment to her mother the past 8 years—her mother is now in a home and my wife is recovering from her 24/7 caregiving efforts
• The outstanding support I received from Microsoft to resolve an Office 365 challenge

I’m sure I’ve omitted some important things on my list that are on yours. I welcome your comments.

Dave Gardner, Gardner & Associates Consulting, http://www.gardnerandassoc.com

© 2014 Dave Gardner

Photo courtesy of Dan Moyle of Flickr

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