Microsoft Office 365 Support Earns an “A+” From Me


I want to share an absolutely stellar report about the support I recently received from Microsoft for their Office 365 product line.

I had tried a couple of different versions of Office 365 this past summer and finally decided it was time to make a commitment to Office 365.

I was having difficulties getting the applications to work under my new license. I searched the knowledge base and could find nothing that seemed appropriate for my situation. I suspected earlier trials may be conspiring against me. After struggling for perhaps an hour, I found a phone number for support.

I didn’t want to call the phone number. I had heard horror stories over the years about people unable to get the support they needed from Microsoft. Yet, I had this deep feeling that if I didn’t call, I’d have no chance of resolving my issues.

Reluctantly, I called the number. A polite woman I suspect was the Philippines took my information and transferred me to a technical support agent in what I later learned was Mumbai, India. We Americans have all heard about challenges dealing with India tech support—I was concerned but proceeded.

I had a great customer experience. The Mumbai agent committed to getting me through my issue and, I want to tell you, she did just that. The call took probably 90 minutes but she wanted to stay with me to make sure we truly had the technical issues resolved.

I shared my excitement for my support experience with a colleague and, being a techy like me, he, too, seemed surprised at my experience.

If I have a future issue, I have a person to work with as I have her contact details. I’m to email her and she will get back to me. There’s no time limit on this.

This is the kind of support that every company should strive to deliver. Great job, Microsoft!

Dave Gardner, Gardner & Associates Consulting

© 2014 Dave Gardner


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