Reliability & Durability


Mike Libecki (center) and Umang Patel (right)

Mike Libecki (center) and Umang Patel (right)

I met Mike Libecki at a Dell event in San Francisco this past week. He is an expeditioner for National Geographic and other groups and travels to some of the most isolated and unforgiving venues on planet earth. He’s gone on over 50 expeditions. “Extremes” characterize his work.

You have to imagine reliability is of the utmost importance to Mike. He can’t afford to carry duplicate equipment “just in case” something fails. He can’t request assistance if something breaks. He’s on his own. No FedEx or package delivery service can support him. Everything he brings on a trip must be very carefully evaluated.

Dell Ruggedized laptop encased in ice

Dell Ruggedized laptop encased in ice

Road warriors are a bit like Mike in that we need our computers to be extremely reliable. Mike will be using a Dell Ruggedized computer to support his work and communications needs in extremely harsh, punishing environments. He’s looking forward to the ruggedness and reliability of the Dell product–his last brand wasn’t robust enough for his needs.

Reliability is essential for Mike. Every component, system and process needs to work flawlessly and seamlessly to protect Mike and his team and help him create the value his sponsors expect.

Have you considered whether every aspect of your product and/or services have been carefully vetted and designed to offer a fantastic customer experience? Are your products, services, processes and systems as reliable and durable as your customers need them to be? Do you ever stop to think like Mike? This is key to accelerating your growth.

Thought for the week:

“A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking because her trust is not on the branch but on her wings. Always believe in yourself.” – Unknown
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