Palestinians: Here’s Your Problem & Solution


To the Palestinian people: Work towards what you want, not toward what you don’t want.

Please include me with many in the world who are deeply concerned about the on-going conflict between Hamas and Israel. Sadly, Hamas is using—taking advantage of—the Palestinians to support it’s agenda of demonizing Israel. The sacrifice being made by the Palestinians is great—too great in my view. My profound wish for both sides is peace.

The great and unnecessary Palestinian sacrifice being wrought on Gaza today is only made possible by allowing Hamas to seize control of facilities such as schools, mosques, hospitals, etc., for terror purposes and for then for Hamas perpetrating violence against Israel from these facilities. This has gone on for years.

If the Palestinians were to think this through independently, you just might come to the conclusion that Hamas’s constant bombing and terror activities are responsible for Israel’s defensive attacks being imposed on the Palestinians in Gaza.

Do you really believe Israel wants to kill innocent Palestinians? Israel doesn’t want this.

Israel wants what you want: to live in peace, to not be bombed, to not be subjected to suicide bombers, etc. This is what the vast majority of people in the region want.

After years of attacks, Israel must seriously degrade and, to the extent possible, eliminate the Hamas’s terror capability. Sadly, Hamas uses the Palestinians as martyrs for its cause without the consent of those who are being killed and injured. And, the anger that follows feeds additional hatred. It’s a perpetual hatred machine.

The Palestinians can’t seriously believe that Israel is out to pick a fight with you, right? You have to believe that after years of Hamas poking Israel in the eye that these efforts might result in military retaliation by Israel, right? Hamas has been begging for this fight—it furthers Hamas’s agenda, and, in so doing, fails to advance the cause of the Palestinian people.

The Palestinians need to tell Hamas and the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), “Enough. Go away. You don’t represent us and you aren’t helping us.” The Palestinians must disassociate yourselves from any and all hatred and terror activity aimed at Israel.

I urge you to not allow these groups pretending to be looking out for Palestinian interests to represent you any longer.

You are either victims or creators. Hamas is only empowered if the Palestinians are victims. You can do better than this. You have the power to create something different for yourselves.

The Palestinians need to start by acknowledging Israel’s right to exist and mean it. Imagine what that one statement could do if the Palestinians meant it and demonstrated that they meant it?

Imagine being able to build trust with Israel as other Arab and Islamic people living in Israel do day in and day out. Look at what the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) is doing to support the Palestinians with field hospitals. This is what Israel is about. Watch what happens after this first huge step. The world—including the U.S.–will push Israel to support the creation of a Palestinian state.

I’m sure some who read this will tell me, “You don’t understand. It’s much more complicated that this.” While there is certainly more, the Palestinians need a starting point. Keep it simple. Peace for the Palestinians. Peace for Israel. Peace in the region. Peace opens opportunities for the Palestinian people.

Dave Gardner

© 2014 Dave Gardner

Note: Dave Gardner grants permission to reuse, re-blog or re-purpose this post in its entirety with appropriate attribution.


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