62-Year Old Stowaway Succeeds As Airline Security Fails

Well, she did it!  A woman managed to get onto a plane without a boarding pass and ended up flying from San Jose, California, to Los Angeles, California.  More about her story here.

How could this happen?

She had to make it through the TSA screening (where you are required to provide a valid boarding pass and present your driver’s license or other government-issued identification) and then sneak onto a flight at the gate.

It’s hard to believe this woman finally accomplished her mission.

But, what’s to be said for security?  The airline had a serious breech as did the Transportation Security Adminisration (TSA).

While I believe this woman is mentally ill and harmless, this breach demonstrates serious vulnerabilities in our security process. I categorize this as a Business Execution Failure.

We need to demand better.

Dave Gardner, Gardner & Associates Consulting http://www.gardnerandassoc.com

© 2014 Dave Gardner

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