Paying Close Attention

Note: This posting is based on my weekly “Thank God It’s Monday” that helps you and your company thrive!

This week’s focus: paying close attention

It was dark here in Silicon Valley at 6:30 am on a Friday morning. The traffic signal had just changed. A driver in a SUV accelerated directly into the path of 2 left turn lanes of oncoming traffic moving through the intersection. The driver hit the brakes, quickly realizing that a red light had been missed.

If I had to guess, it was the motion of the traffic that the driver cued on, not the traffic signal. And, it was a false visual cue. The driver had likely been through this scenario thousands of times and never experienced a problem.

How often in life do we respond reflexively to some cue in our world that turns out to not be what we need? How often do we fail to respond with full attention and consciousness? How often do distractions in life create unintended harm or unintended consequences?

Thought for the week:

 “Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is not giving the kiss the attention it deserves.” – Albert Einstein
What do you think? I welcome your comments!

Dave Gardner, Gardner & Associates Consulting

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