That Awkward Moment When You Learn…


…Microsoft stock rose 7% on the news that the CEO, Steve Ballmer, will retire in the next 12 months

…a series of car bombings and other attacks across Baghdad on Wednesday, August 29th, killed 86 people and wounded 263, police and medical sources said, extending the worst wave of sectarian bloodshed in Iraq for at least five years. Imagine how big a story this would be in any G20 country and what kind of round-the-clock news coverage it would garner? As it is, this is but a footnote in the news.

…the food ingredient MSG (which has 14 different names and is added to all processed foods) doesn’t make the food taste better–it makes your brain think the food tastes better

…the $1000 stolen bike you’re looking to replace via Craigslist ads has your actual bike for sale for $300

…Miley Cyrus has replaced her Disney career with raunchiness and depravity at the Video Music Awards (VMA) show

Dave Gardner, Gardner & Associates Consulting

© 2013 Dave Gardner
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