Egypt August 14, 2013

I don’t profess to know a lot about Egypt.  I agree with the idea that the last head of state, Morsi, was not the right leader for the country. He wanted to ignore his countrymen in aggregate to cater to his followers who took advantage of “the other side” with every opportunity they had.

He did not provide the economic leadership needed to take the country to the next level. And, he exposed himself to the takeover that ultimately occurred.

Was the military right to intervene?  I think so.

Today, however, the military lost quite a bit of moral authority when some 250 600+ Morsi supporters were killed. The killing of Morsi supporters was unnecessary, wrong and unhelpful. And, this action unfortunately, represents a significant setback for Egypt at a time when it is presumably attempting to build a democratic state.

The military must provide leadership and show restraint if it is to help the country move in a different direction. If it can’t do that, the next step is outright civil war which will weaken Egypt further and only serve to create more instability in the region.

Dave Gardner



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