Have You Experienced Your Own Company Lately?

Note: This posting is based on my weekly “Thank God It’s Monday” that helps you and your company thrive!

This week’s focus: experiencing your own company


How can you accelerate growth if you firewall yourself and your company off from those who want to reach you?

  • Don’t you just love the voicemail systems that have just about every option in the galaxy but the one you want–to speak to another human being about a problem that isn’t on the menu? Would you like to hear our menu again? And, again?
  • Just this week, I overheard a receptionist at a multi-billion company refuse to put a call through to an executive when the caller was unable to provide a specific name. I’m sure she’s just following orders but really? Is she a receptionist or in the call prevention business?
  • When I asked the CEO to call his start-up company’s phone number last week, he learned that the receptionist puts his callers into a directory system wherein callers would have to enter his correct name on their keypad to match a listing in a directory to find a his voicemail box so they can leave him a message. Sounds like fun, right? People who need to reach him call him on his cell. Yet, his business card provides a company phone number that is the equivalent of a black hole. He didn’t know what dysfunction someone might encounter.
  • Have you ever tried to speak to a human at Google about a problem? Good luck with that! Google doesn’t want to interact with customers or prospects. I asked a question of a sales guy who knows me and he merely gave me a URL to answer my question. And, what happens if your question isn’t covered in the Frequently Asked Questions section? What if you don’t know what the right keywords are to find assistance? It must not be that important.

The Japanese employ the concept of “gemba” which means “go to where the work is.” To me, this means understanding what happens when customers, employees, stakeholders, suppliers try to interact with your company.

Only by doing this can you be certain of what’s happening on the other side of the transaction.

Thought for the week:

“Do not waste a minute living someone else’s dream.” – Michelle Obama

What do you think? I welcome your blog comments!

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