Fighting The Status Quo

Note: This posting is based on my weekly “Thank God It’s Monday” that helps you and your company thrive!

This week’s focus: fighting the status quo

My consulting practice is about accelerating growth through change. Occasionally, it feels like some would prefer my practice be more about “accelerating growth by preserving and maintaining the status quo.”

If you are about preserving and maintaining the status quo, you don’t need me. You can do that on your own.

There are implications of inaction. Have you taken a few moments to consider the implications of your status quo?

If the area you are responsible for is suboptimal in fulfilling its essential value to the company, ask yourself,

  • What is my legacy going to be?
  • When I am ready to move to a different company or area within my current company, what legacy will people ascribe to me?
  • Did I move the needle on the business? Or, did I pretty much support the status quo?
  • Did I produce measurable, value-laden, important business outcomes or can I merely report that we worked hard?

As my mentor, Alan Weiss, teaches: “We are here to make waves.” He’s right. Businesses that thrive eschew the status quo.

Thought for the week:

“The faster you build trust, the more likely you are to increase deal velocity.” – Dave Gardner

What do you think? I welcome your blog comments!

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