Microsoft Admits Windows 8 Failure

In the Financial Times today, there is an interesting article called Microsoft Prepares U-Turn On Windows 8.  It’s not surprising to me. I wrote in this blog last fall a posting called Who Cares That Windows 8 Is Here? where I questioned the viability of the new operating system.

The Financial Times reports:

Microsoft is preparing to reverse course over key elements of its Windows 8 operating system, marking one of the most prominent admissions of failure for a new mass-market consumer product since Coca-Cola’s New Coke fiasco nearly 30 years ago.

“Key aspects” of how the software is used will be changed when Microsoft releases an updated version of the operating system this year, Tami Reller, head of marketing and finance for the Windows business, said in an interview with the Financial Times. Referring to difficulties many users have had with mastering the software, she added: “The learning curve is definitely real.”

It saddens me that Microsoft–one of the world’s great companies–could not have predicted what I did.

Innovation is never easy. Innovations need to connect with customer need. Windows 8 didn’t. There was great misalignment, misalignment that has impacted an entire industry.

Within days of the Windows 8 launch, the gentleman who led the effort resigned from Microsoft. While that would normally seem strange, in this particular instance my gut said he wanted to disassociate himself from the new offering–he knew it would be deemed a dud. It appears he, too, was right.

Dave Gardner, Gardner & Associates Consulting



One Response to Microsoft Admits Windows 8 Failure

  1. James cayton, Ph.D. says:

    I remember your article and felt certain that you had seen the problem as it was. Thanks for warning the rest of us!
    James Cayton,Ph.D.


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