New Dell Center for Entrepreneurs

Pretty exciting news for entrepreneurs announced at Dell World 2012 yesterday:

New Dell Center for Entrepreneurs created by and for entrepreneurs

By Ingrid Vanderveldt

Today, I’m proud to announce the launch of the Dell Center for Entrepreneurs, a community designed by and for entrepreneurs to be a one stop shop for resources founders need to start and run and grow a business. Backed by the power of Dell’s online presence the site was created to serve as a gateway to the knowledge, solutions and opportunities to make this possible.

In my role as Dell’s Entrepreneur in Residence, I’ve been traveling across the United States and abroad to speak with entrepreneurs and business owners at all stages of growth to learn more about the challenges they are up against and furthermore how Dell can help. Dell Center for Entrepreneurs is the result!

The site provides information for change makers at all stages – the student with an idea; the owner of a specialty bakery; the engineer branching off on their own; the CEO of a 3,000 person firm – and will include:

  • ·         Resources: Assistance in identifying capital through Dell Financial Services and the Dell Innovators Credit Fund which helps businesses of all sizes access the credit and leasing they need to invest in technology to fuel growth. Content is driven by best practices and creative thinking and includes webcasts, videos and case studies from Dell and industry experts.
  • ·         Expertise: Building on what Dell has learned through its entrepreneurial journey, the Dell Social Innovation ChallengeDell Women’s Entrepreneur Network, and Dell Founders’ Club are cultivating a vibrant community of entrepreneurs, who connect with one another for new sources of financial and human capital, knowledge and markets. These networks can now be accessed through the Dell Center for Entrepreneurs site. 
  • ·         Solutions:  Behind most great company growth stories are pioneering uses of technology. The Dell Center for Entrepreneurs will feature their stories and content will show how businesses of all sizes and at all stages are addressing top IT trends including: cloud, virtualization, BYOD, and how to leverage data to drive business.

Entrepreneurs, start-ups and small business owners are the key to a successful, sustainable economic future through creating new jobs, revenue, innovation and productivity around the world. Dell understands the importance of fostering an environment where entrepreneurial spirit can thrive and we invite you to take the time to explore the Dell Center for Entrepreneurs on your own, but first, check out Michael Dell’s thoughts on what this new community means for entrepreneurs and innovators everywhere.

Feedback, suggestions and questions are welcome.

Full Disclosure:  I am on Dell’s Customer Advisory Panel, Dell is a client, and Dell paid my travel to attend Dell World 2012.

Dave Gardner, Gardner & Associates Consulting



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