Who Cares That Microsoft Windows 8 Is Here?

On Friday, October 26th, Microsoft officially launches Windows 8.

This new operating system release:

  • has been acknowledged for at least one year by Microsoft,
  • is well understood by the marketplace,
  • has OEMs like Dell and HP offering new products tailored to exploit the new capabilities in Windows 8.

Who, other than Microsoft and the OEMs, is really excited about this launch?  Who is chomping at the bit for this?

Is it a game-changer that the business world will quickly migrate to?  I don’t think so.

Are consumers anxiously awaiting the arrival of Windows 8?  I’m not hearing about it.

Will people be lined up outside Microsoft stores, Best Buy and other places to get this?  I would guess a few will–there are always people who want to be first.

If I upgrade to Windows 8 on an existing non-touch-enabled computer, will I be able to take advantage of the touch capabilities in Windows 8? No. Touch-enabled hardware is required.

I asked a colleague, Paul Mooney (@Moon on Twitter), who I know through our work on Dell’s Customer Advisory Panel, what he thinks about it:

I’ve been running Windows 8 for months and without touch it’s a pain in the butt.  I have not heard about any company rolling-out Win8 and if they did it would cost them thousands of hours in lost productivity.  I’ve been able to adapt to it by creating short-cuts, but it’s really intended for a Tablet.

Is this what Microsoft wants to hear? Certainly not. And, it certainly is what IT organizations can pretty quickly ascertain on their own.

Organizations aren’t going to throw out their hardware and software to take full advantage of the new technology just because it’s new.  If Windows 8 is not “must have,” it will be put on the back burner. There may be niches where this will be an invaluable solution. How big are those niches?

So, I have to ask: After all is said and done, is anyone going to really care? Not the people that matter. Not the people who will require adoption of this operating system in huge quantities.

I don’t expect this to be a blockbuster product for Microsoft and its OEM partners over the next 12 months. Organizations won’t be clamoring for it.

Dave Gardner, Gardner & Associates Consulting http://www.gardnerandassoc.com

© 2012 Dave Gardner All Rights Reserved



One Response to Who Cares That Microsoft Windows 8 Is Here?

  1. Windows 8 is irrelevant to me. And in this age of web applications, the web is the platform. As long as it runs Google Chrome with a fast Javascript engine, it is fine.


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