Last Chance to Save Unless It’s Not

How many emails do you get each month offering you “Last Chance to Save $____?”  I get lots of them. And, what’s remarkable (he says in  complete jest) is this really isn’t the “last chance to save $___.”

How do I know this? Years of seeing emails from the same companies over and over and over and over.

Years ago, I traveled to Hawaii once or twice a year. Some merchants count on the fact that most people go once. Why else would these same merchants have the faded “Going Out of Business” signs clinging to the exterior walls?

Businesses perpetually “Going Out of Business” aren’t. They are just trying to lure unsuspecting buyers that there are great deals in the store.

These tactics are manipulations. They are intended to create urgency to get you to buy now. Call me crazy, but, I’m not much for being manipulated. I prefer businesses that don’t resort to such manipulations to win my business.  Imagine a manipulation like:

3-Day Old Fish Dinner: Half Price!

Sound intriguing? Let me grab my wife and we’ll head on over. On second thought, never mind.

Dave Gardner, Gardner & Associates Consulting,



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