Obsession with news and market indices hurts businesses

Note: This posting is based on my weekly “Thank God It’s Monday” which is offered to help companies thrive!

This week’s focus: leadership

Aristotle Onassis, the late shipping magnate, offers, “We must free ourselves of the hope that the sea will ever rest. We must learn to sail in high winds.”

I’m pretty sure Wall Street and the main stream media do not accept the notion above. Our 24 hour cable news shows and websites do little more than constantly stir the pot of fear, uncertainty and doubt. “The sky is falling, the sky is falling.” Unless it’s not. Stay tuned!

The market indices are little more than a barometer of how we feel about the future. Some days, the mood is up; some days, the mood is down. So what!

Everyone would benefit if they payed less attention to the news and market indices and, instead, maintained a laser-like focus on creating success with their customers, employees and shareholders.

Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want. This is the key to thriving.

Thought for the week:

What are the attributes of a successful entrepreneur? See Sir Richard Branson’s list here.

What do you think? I welcome your blog comments!


Dave Gardner, Gardner & Associates Consulting


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2 Responses to Obsession with news and market indices hurts businesses

  1. Imagine what the world (heck, let’s just focus on America) would be like if most human beings took note of that sentiment and focused on what they wanted, not what they didn’t want. Think of the innovations that would occur in education, healthcare, politics!!

    How wonderful it would be if we could lobby Hallmark cards (okay, I’m being facetious here, lol) to sponsor a “Focus on what you want” day, inspiring everyone to articulate what they are moving towards — as opposed to fighting against — and to share that publicly with others.

    I’m reading Neville’s The Power of Awareness currently (one of those early 20th century pre-Law of Attraction books — a wonderful read that far surpasses any of the “Secret” guff that’s produced today) and the principles are very straightforward:

    1. Identify your desire.
    2. Imagine what it will be like when it’s happened.
    3. Focus only on the wish fulfilled – that is, live from the perspective that it has already happened and you already have or are what you want.

    And here’s what’s so interesting about that. You can only do that when the desire is what is wanted as opposed to what you want to avoid. How, for example, could anyone possibly apply those principles to, say, not wanting to lose money? Or not wanting to lose business? Or fighting the “war on terror”? This success approach only works when your desire is stated in the positive – otherwise all you’re doing is increasing the very thing you say you don’t want. A sobering thought!


  2. Dave says:

    Great points, Liz. If we focused on what we want, not what we don’t want, our world would be much different. So much opportunity is wasted focused on the manufactured drama and trauma in the world. How many businesses fundamentally changed when the Dow was down 200+ points last Friday? How many businesses were impacted when jobs in May grew only 69,000? How many businesses in Silicon Valley will fundamentally change if we get rain today?


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