Impressions of Citrix Synergy 2012

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of spending the day in San Francisco at the Citrix Synergy 2012 conference.  While I am not an I.T. technical person in the sense that most people attending the event were, I came away with a greater and deeper appreciation for Citrix the company, the team and its partners.  So, it is from that vantage point that I share my impressions of the event:

  • Citrix has a loyal, committed, enthusiastic customer base.  I believe the customer commitment comes from Citrix’s pragmatism and commitment to excellence.
  • Citrix appears to be a very committed partner with every major I.T. company in the world.  They’ve not been isolationists and they have not favored one company or platform over another.
  • Citrix is deeply committed to the cloud. The cloud is a key enabler of their mobile strategy.
  • Citrix listens to customers.  One new area of functionality they learned about is allowing users to specify where data is stored geographically in the cloud if that is of particular concern or interest to a customer. Customers are not forced into a “one-size-fits-all” solution.
  • Citrix profoundly “walks the talk” about being committed to mobile and mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Windows, etc.  They didn’t just say it–they demonstrated that it is working today.
  • Citrix is a key enabler of the philosophy of being able to work seamlessly anytime, anywhere and on any platform.
  • Citrix has expanded their suite of technology products by acquiring a company I’ve been a huge fan of for over a year: Podio, a social collaboration platform dedicated to the future of work. And, within a few short weeks, Podio demonstrated a one-click integration with Citrix GoToMeeting. Podio is a brilliant acquisition for Citrix and for Podio.
  • Citrix isn’t standing still, harvesting revenues on their past successes.  Citrix is a company on the move with it’s ear to the ground and instincts guiding significant investments in their customer’s future.
  • Citrix is moving outside the I.T. realm into stronger relationship with business teams.  This is a newer frontier for Citrix. The executives I met with seemed to understand the challenges they face approaching business teams outside the traditional I.T. organizations.

I attended the event with David Coleman, Managing Director of Collaborative Strategies, Inc.  We were the guests of Citrix. Citrix Synergy was attended by over 6000 people from all over the world.

I was very impressed with what I see in Citrix and the Citrix team. And, I’m very excited to see Podio become part of Citrix.

Dave Gardner, Gardner & Associates Consulting,



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