Dave Gardner’s “Thank God It’s Monday” 07MAY12

“Thank God It’s Monday” is to help companies thrive!

This week’s focus: information technology

We often hear that a company is implementing an ERP, CRM, PLM or a product configurator system. Yet, by these very words, there is a lack of appreciation of what is really occurring:

You aren’t implementing an information technology system; you are changing the way work gets done.

By itself, information technology accomplishes nothing. Leverage comes from the integration of people and process with information technology. Most projects focus too much attention on the technology and too little on people and process.

A successful project must be a collaboration between business team (the people who end up living with the efficacy of the business application) and the I.T. team. The joint mission is delivering an application that enables the business team to accomplish its essential mission with greater efficiency and execution control.

Business teams must actively engage with I.T.–their future relies on it. Only through active engagement will the business teams thrive.

Thought for the week:

When my mother died 5 years ago, my father resolved not to die in front of a television set. For years, it’s been hard to get on his calendar–he has one night free each week.

He sings in the church choir weekly, performs ten Christmas pageant performances and a special outdoor 4th of July event each year, sings karaoke, participates in a widows and widowers group, continues to be an avid genealogist, loves taking cruises, and even took up ballroom dancing 4 years ago.

At 86, he won a trophy and multiple blue and red ribbons this past weekend. His trophy-winning rumba performance is captured on this 2-minute video. Enjoy!

What do you think? I welcome your blog comments!


Dave Gardner, Gardner & Associates Consulting


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2 Responses to Dave Gardner’s “Thank God It’s Monday” 07MAY12

  1. Thanks for sharing both of these inspiring and provocative insights, Dave…it’s truly a joy and honor to receive these posts every Monday!

    You are so right to point out (in both examples, actually) that’s it higher order thinking that wins the day! There is a tendency for many in business to focus on tactics (and technology) without giving adequate thought to what they really are accomplishing. This has a bearing on a topic I’m teaching this week at UT when I offer my Measuring the Effectiveness of Strategic Communications course. I’m darned sure most of the attendees are going to expect me to talk about “Big Data” and specific measurements tools — which I’m not! It’s really about thinking strategically and better decision-making…a point reinforced in a HBR article (Idea Watch, April issue) that points out that “Good date won’t guarantee good decisions.” It’s about putting the human being and brain at the head (and heart) of things, not some system or machine.

    I think your Dad is a glowing example of someone who is looking more “big picture” at his life and who recognizes that it’s the personal experiences that makes it worthwhile (and keeps us truly alive) than relying on technology (the TV, iPad, Kindle) to entertain.

    It’s all about resolving to be and do “more” — would that more people would embrace that!


  2. Sam says:

    Thanks for sharing Dave. At the end of the day, it’s important to focus on the big picture and enjoy the journey.


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