The passing of Steve Jobs

What can be said that hasn’t already been said.

Steve Jobs was one-of-a-kind: an entrepreneur, a thought-leader, an innovator, a perfectionist, a mentor, a visionary.

A few years ago, a minister offered that we shouldn’t ask “why a person died”–it is better to ask “why a person lived?”

We know why Steve lived.

Fadra Nally (@allthingsfadra) offered the following thought on Twitter moments after the news broke:

Very sad news about Steve Jobs. Apple now seems like just another computer company with faceless executives.

I offered 2 replies via Twitter (@Gardner_Dave):

The heart, vision and spirt of innovation lives in every Apple employee and Apple executive. It’s in their DNA.

In Silicon Valley, when we lose a key person, the survivors strive to keep that person’s vision alive…that’s our DNA.

God speed, Steve.  And, thank you!

Dave Gardner, Gardner & Associates Consulting,


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