Money Can’t Buy Everything

On the 10th anniversary of 9/11, I volunteered to play Taps at a charity event for Wounded Warriors at a polo field in Atherton,CA, one of the most exclusive zip codes inCalifornia. This is where a lot of millionaires and probably even a few billionaires live.

I had never been to a polo match.  Anthony Robbins once described polo as being like “falling down a flight of stairs and lighting your wallet on fire once you hit the bottom.” This is a rich person’s sport. The woman and men at this charity event were extremely well-dressed.

I looked for an area to warm up away from the crowd using a practice mute that absorbs probably 90% of the audible sound from my horn.  I found an out-of-the-way refuge near some parked cars and a few port-a-potties.  As I was quietly warming up, a woman enters one of the port-a-potties. Here’s my recap:

Dress:  $5000

High heels: $1200

Hand bag: $1000

Look on her face when a man trying to use the same port-a-potty discovers she had not locked the door: priceless.

Dave Gardner, Gardner & Associates Consulting



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