Learning a past employee lies on resume

Earlier this week, I used LinkedIn to research people in my network and learned that a former employee is out and out lying about their background working for me and the employer.  It makes me sick to think that this individual who I’ve always thought of very highly of is seriously misrepresenting their background.

I’m not going to disclose who this person is, but, given this person’s background and credentials, I’m astounded that this individual would do this.  It is completely unnecessary.

The dates of employment have been seriously altered as have the titles and roles this person played. The person was hired via a recruiter whose role was to do a thorough background check and resume verification.  I now wonder if I got what the company paid for?

When I discovered the lies, I didn’t want to share this with my wife or anyone for that matter.  I’m embarrassed for this person. I had always thought highly of this seemingly meticulous person.  This person was effective in the role I asked them to play.

I wondered why this person had never used me as a reference when seeking other positions.  I now know why–I would be unable to vouch for the background this person is offering to potential employers.

I’m sick about this.  This is one of the last people I would suspect of doing such a thing.  A person I held in high regard is greatly diminished in my eyes now.

Some day, this will catch up with this person.  When you live a lie, it eventually all catches up with you.

Dave Gardner, Gardner & Associates Consulting http://www.gardnerandassoc.com


4 Responses to Learning a past employee lies on resume

  1. This is no excuse, but some people are feeling very desperate these days and will do anything to find work. This person may have been ill advised by a recruiter or a career coach to “be creative.”

    I agree that this will no doubt catch up to this person. And if it doesn’t, he will always be looking over his shoulder waiting until the time he is caught.

    Sad indeed.

    Roberta Matuson
    Author: Suddenly in Charge
    President of Human Resource Solutions


  2. whatsaysyou says:

    Dave, thanks for sharing and looks like I am not the only one who believes lying on a resume is not worth it. Lying on a resume can instantly ruin one’s career in an instance once they are caught out.


  3. Dave says:

    Thanks, whatsaysyou! It’s like sitting next to a ticking time bomb…you don’t know when it’s going to go off. It never may. But, then again, it may. Dave


  4. KBA says:

    I litteraly just had the same experience. My employee, however, was someone i would expect this from. He was hire as an assistant to a sales rep and was let go after seven month for incompetence, and failing to show upfor work. He now claims to have been a top 25 sales rep with 1yr experience, 111% quota attainent. and with 65% growth in his accounts. He never had an account! He was an assistant. In a move I considered generous i agreed to act as a reference for his people skills (good), and creativity (good). This was simply not the job for him. He has never used me. Been through 3 jobs in a year. I have notified Linkedin without identifying him that they have a member fabricating experience. I am waiting to see how they want to resolve the issue.


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