My wife is a hero for saving a life

A person who saves a life is a hero in my book.  Today, my wife attains that status.

Earlier this week, she rescued a 3 week-old, 11 ounce, male, tabby kitten. Sadly, at this age, weight and maturity, the “no kill” policies in the humane societies don’t apply.

The rescue organizations and humane societies are so overwhelmed with cats and kittens that most are euthanized only weeks into their lives.

Why don’t humans understand that the failure to spay and neuter their pets results in thousands and thousands of unwanted animals being euthanized each year?  This is a horrific problem!

Euthanasia wasn’t acceptable to us.  Even though we are “dog people” (I’m allergic to cats), we took the little guy in with the hope we could quickly find him a great, permanent home.

The mission was accomplished after only 3 days.  Here’s the letter Nancy wrote to the new owners:

Dear New Family:

This little guy has made quite a statement in life already: determined to live, to thrive, to explore, to love and I think will be a great companion. He is so playful already so watch every step because he will be under your feet in NO time.

He loves to drink his milk then snuggle around the your neck, back, shoulder and often goes to sleep there.  He has slept overnight in the carrier cage so I put him there for a nap until he starts crying again. He is very comfortable with our dog and people.

He is beyond that frenetic starving posture; but will overeat if given the chance. I stop periodically during feedings and burp him or give him a chance to breathe.

A little history: he was found by a water treatment worker who didn’t want to see it run over. This man looked for the mother cat/kittens to no avail. He was preparing to take it to the animal shelter where I learned (via 2 visits) that all kittens are euthanized under one pound in weight.

My husband said he has used up 2 of his 9 lives: I suggest he has been granted “extended stay” status. When I bottle feed him, I look into his eyes and tell him, “you are the Fortunate One.” He is; and now you are.

Blessings to your new journey together

Thank you,
Nancy Wilson Gardner

I am so happy for this little guy.  And, I’m grateful and proud that Nancy had the courage, gumption and compassion to take on this mission that resulted in saving this little guy’s life.  He is really is a “Fortunate One.”

And, so am I for having Nancy in my life.

Dave Gardner


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