Product Configurator, Configure, Price, Quote Top Challenges

Based on my experience, a few of the top pains include:

* Not approaching this challenge holistically across the enterprise–the configure-price-quote (CPQ) process is disconnected from back-office processes

* Focusing on CPQ as a back-office process rather than a tool and process to engage customers

* Not establishing a product management function that owns the evolution of products and product lines

* Not creating and engaging cross-functional product teams who own the success and profitability of a product line

* Thinking the product configurator technology is going to solve all the problems

* Selecting inappropriate product configurator technology

* Continuing to “engineer-to-order” rather than pre-engineering around product modularity and offering previously rationalized choices within a coherent system for CPQ

* Not having a sustainable, scalable process for adding new features and options

* Trying to be all things to all people leading to an unprofitable or low margin business that is not sustainable while you hope that things will get better–hope is not a strategy

* Not having and engaging in a strategy to drive down the cost of variety

I write about this in my book: “Mass Customization: An Enterprise-Wide Business Strategy” available at You can read more about it at

What do you think?

Dave Gardner, Gardner & Associates Consulting

© 2011 Dave Gardner

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