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This week’s focus: business execution

I had the privilege of playing Taps at a full honors military funeral at Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetery, San Diego, this past week. The cemetery performs 16 funeral services each day–each family is allotted just 30 minutes.

Normally, Taps concludes a ceremony. But, at this cemetery, Taps is played about 5 minutes after service starts. After Taps concluded, the American flag was folded and given to the family and, then, the service really got underway.

The standard protocol (funeral service, flag folding, flag presentation, Taps) is modified so the honor guard can get on to the next family’s ceremony. While the process employed is efficient, it felt dishonoring to change the sequence for the sake of expediency and efficiency.

Efficiency should never undermine the integrity of a process.

Thought for the week:

“In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.” – Bill Cosby

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One Response to Dave Gardner’s “Thank God It’s Monday” 24JAN11

  1. Michael W. Timson, MBA says:


    Great little article. With so many military families retiring in San Diego, Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery is a very, very, busy place. The process is a little different to accommodate the volume. I think you and I can continue to help the folks here and to help with the process.

    It is a slow, one person at a time changing process.

    Please note that the Honor Guard Army “Bugler” was very impress with you and I playing real Taps this week and last week. Faith assigned him to two BAA services…at random!

    He asked me for one of my BAA’s fliers and card..he wants to learn how to play bugle for real! I will hopefully give him his first lesson soon.

    He shared with me that because of You, I, and BAA..he wants to pull out the electronic device from his bugle and play ‘Live Taps’ when he is assigned.

    He also is interested in signing up with BAA.

    Thank you for being a Volunteer for Bugles Across America.

    You made a big difference just by being in San Diego to not only the family you served, but possibly to many more to follow at Fort Rosecrans through this new enlighted Honor Guard Army Bugler!

    Keep on Honk’n!

    Michael W. Timson, MBA
    Asst. Director Bugle Across America: CA
    Private Trumpet / Theory / Bugle Instructor


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