One military family’s holiday experience

One of my colleagues posted the following in a forum that we both participate in (names omitted to preserve his privacy):

I’m upstairs working.

I hear my 3 year old granddaughter crying downstairs. She is sobbing.

After a few minutes, I go downstairs.

My granddaughter is crying.
My Daughter-in-law is crying.
My wife is crying.

I ask what is going on. Nobody can speak.

My granddaughter tells me she wants to go in a bag.

I finally get out of my wife that they were packaging up fudge to send to our son who is in the Navy, deployed in Japan. My granddaughter didn’t understand why they could not put her in a bag so she could go see her Daddy.

I am so proud of my two sons who are in the service. I’m proud that we are a “military family.” However, right now, my heart hurts for a little girl who doesn’t know what pride is. She just wants to see her Daddy.


Dave Gardner, Gardner & Associates Consulting


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