Toyota-Tesla joint venture announced

About 3:30 pm PDT today, I heard the fantastic news that:

  • Toyota and Tesla Motors have formed a joint venture to produce electric vehicles
  • The production will take place in Fremont, California
  • It will utilize the production facility that closed on April 1, 2010, known as the NUMMI plant, a joint venture between GM and Toyota

This is very exciting.  When the NUMMI plant closed, it displaced 4,500 workers and had a negative impact on nearly 25,000 jobs through the supply chain, shipping, logistics, etc.

The NUMMI folks fought long and hard to save their jobs and did not prevail resulting in the closure of the last automotive manufacturing facility in California.

Well, no more.  Here is an article summarizing this news story.

The news could not be more welcome here in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Thank you Toyota and Tesla Motors for reaching an agreement that will stand to benefit thousands and thousands of people right here in my back yard.


Dave Gardner, Gardner & Associates Consulting


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