Hilarious Indian call center experience

All of us have heard stories about how upset Americans become when forced to deal with overseas customer service call centers.  I’m not one of them.  I live in a part of the world that looks like the United Nations–there are people from all over the world.

Recently, I needed to speak to Dell Financial Services about a computer lease.

When a human finally comes on the phone, he says in his finest, thickest Indian accent:

“Hello, thank you for calling Dell Financial Services, this is Bob.”

Bob? I was taken aback.  Indian men have names like Sanjeev, Kumar, Satinder, but, “Bob?”

Did “Bob” think I would miss the fact that he was in India?  It the trend for people working in call centers for American companies to use more “Americanized” names?  It was hilarious.

I’m happy to report that “Bob” did a fine job of handling my call.  Thanks, “Bob” or whatever your real name is.

Dave Gardner, Gardner & Associates Consulting http://www.gardnerandassoc.com


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