Top competitors can loose their edge

As I was driving to my office this morning, I heard that Michael Phelps failed to win 2 races at a swim competition in Santa Clara, California, over the weekend. He came in second in two of his races.

I’d call that pretty stunning news from a guy who, having won 8 Olympic gold medals only a few months ago, was considered unbeatable .

It made me think about how many companies are taking “time off” due to the economic conditions and, like Michael Phelps, will have trouble getting back in peak competitive form?

Did Michael Phelps’ competitors take time off after the Olympics?  Or, were they hoping to exploit a weakness in the person who used to be their top competitor?

Just today, the head of Boeing’s commercial aircraft division, Scott Carson, said, “Are we down in the dumps about the status of this industry? Have we allowed the current economic situation to overwhelm us and discourage us from the path ahead? The answer is absolutely no.”

I like Scott’s attitude.  Boeing’s not taking time off and neither should you!

Dave Gardner Gardner & Associates Consulting


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